Andina Pack product segments

At Andina Pack 2017 you will find a complete market overview with exhibitors from all relevant sectors.


  • Food and Drink
  • Pharma and Cosmetics
  • Convert and Print
  • Materials and Containers
  • Storage and Material Handling Equipment
  • International Delegations

Product groups:

  • Industry-related process technology
  • Cross-industry process technology
  • Filling and packaging technology
  • Packaging materials, packaging, packaging aids
  • Automation, data processing, controlling and regulation technology
  • Food safety, quality management
  • Operating materials, maintenance service, environmental technology, biotechnology
  • Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology
  • Conveying, transport and storage facilities, logistics
  • Ingredients, auxiliary materials
  • Components, assemblies, surface technology, accessories
  • Operating equipment and auxiliary devices for the production of specific products
  • Service firms, organisations, publishers